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Dr. phil. Frank Sauer studied political science, sociology, philosophy and law at Goethe University Frankfurt -  from where he also received his doctoral degree. He is the co-editor of the German language "Handbook of International Relations" and the author of "Atomic Anxiety: Deterrence, Taboo, and the Non-Use of U.S. Nuclear Weapons". 
Frank Sauer's work is focused on international security. He has done research on nuclear issues, terrorism, cyber security as well as the military application of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.
He is currently a member of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control (ICRAC.net | @icracnet ) and the International Panel on the Regulation of Autonomous Weapons (iPRAW.org).
Panel.jpgFrank Sauer is often requested as a dialogue partner and consultant on the nexus of technology, society and security. He has gathered a decade of first-hand knowledge about shaping public policy processes and giving practical advice to political and military decision-makers.
Sauer shares his academic knowledge with the general public, the international community at the United Nations and the media.
He is frequently engaged in background discussions, interviews and public speaking events. He is co-hosting the German language podcast "Sicherheitshalber" (RSS | Soundcloud | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube) on security and defense. You can follow Dr. Frank Sauer on Twitter @drfranksauer


Click below to watch the ARD documentary on autonomous weapons featuring Dr. Sauer:


Killer-Roboter - Dürfen Maschinen töten? 25.09.2017 | 44 Min. | Quelle: ARD - Das Erste (German national public TV):  Verstößt es gegen die Menschenwürde, wenn Maschinen töten, oder kann moderne Technik den Tod von Zivilisten verhindern? Die Dokumentation geht der Frage nach, ob man es Algorithmen überlassen darf, über Menschenleben zu entscheiden.


Dr. Frank Sauer

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