Konferenzen & Vorträge – Dr. Wiebke Drews

(2020): Swiss Political Science Association Annual Conference: 3.-4. Februar 2020 in Luzern, Schweiz. Vortrag: Comparing Patterns of E-Expression.

(2019): International Conference on Public Policy (ICCP): 26.-28. Juni 2019 in Montreal, Kanada. Panel Chair: Hello IT,… Have you tried turning it off and on again? Big Data Challenges for Political Science (mit Jasmin Riedl und Habin Lee).

(2019): ECPR Joint Sessions: 8.-12. April 2019 in Mons, Belgien. Vortrag: Towards a New Form of 'Electioneering'? Social Media Users' Preferences and Parties' Issue Agendas during the 2017 German Election Campaign.

(2019): The Rise of Digital Campaigning: Challenges, Implications and Response: 24.-25. January 2019 in Sheffield, Vereinigtes Königreich.

(2018): ECPR General Conference: 22.-25. August 2018 in Hamburg, Deutschland. Vortrag: E-Campaigning on Social Media during the German Federal Election 2017: The Effectiveness of Parties‘ Campaign Strategies on Facebook and Twitter.

(2018): ECPR Joint Sessions: 10.-14. April 2018 in Nikosia, Zypern. Vortrag: E-Expression in a Comparative Perspective: Drivers and Constraints of Expressing Political Opinions Online.

(2017): Big Data and its Application in an Interdisciplinary Context: 11. October 2017 in Fiesole, Italien. Organisator (mit Hilke Brockmann).

(2017): Italian Political Science Association (SISP): 14.-16. September 2017 in Urbino, Italien. Vortrag: E-Campaigning on Twitter and Facebook: The Effectiveness of Negative and Positive Campaigning during the German Federal Election 2017 (mit Andrea Ceron und Luigi Curini).

(2017): ECPR Summer School: 21. Juli-11. August 2017 in Budapest, Ungarn. Kursteilnahme an: "Automated Collection of Web and Social Data" und "Big Data Analysis in the Social Sciences".

(2016): ECPR Graduate Student Conference: 10.-13. Juli 2016 in Tartu, Estland. Vortrag: Going, going, … Reviving? Political Activism in Modern Europe.

(2015): International Conference on Public Policy (ICCP): 01.-04. Juli 2015 in Mailand, Italian. Vortrag: Digital Crisis Management in Practice: The Role of Social Media during the German Flood Disaster of 2013 (mit Kristina Kurze und Andreas Jager).

(2015): 23. Tagung Junger Osteuropaexperten: 19.-21. Juni 2015 in Tutzing, Deutschland. Vortrag: Prospects and Challenges of Contentious Activities Online: A Case Study of the E-Petition Platform ManaBalss.lv in Latvia.

(2013): Bridges in the Baltics: 27.-28. September 2013 in Tartu, Estland. Vortrag: A Functional Perspective on Post-Communist Civil Society: Contentious Activities and Internet Activism.