The Globality of Governmentality

Governing an Entangled World


Am 25. Mai erschien ein neuer Sammelband, der von Jan Busse herausgegeben wird, zum Thema Governmentalität, Globalität und die Wechselwirkungen beider aufeinander. Die Beschreibung des Buchs vom Routledge Verlag:


This book reinvigorates the governmentality debate in International Relations (IR) by stressing the interconnectedness between governmentality and globality.

It addresses a widening gap in the social sciences and humanities by reconciling Michel Foucault’s concept of "governmentality" with global politics. The volume assembles leading scholars who draw attention to the importance of approaching governmentality in IR from the perspective of globality, and thereby suggests to consider governmentality and globality as fundamentally entangled. Accordingly, the contributors engage in a multifaceted debate about the relationship of governmentality and globality, relating their views to the proposition that globality cannot be equated with the international level and should rather be considered as a genuine context of its own requiring distinct consideration. The book builds on the increasing importance and popularity of governmentality studies, not only by updating Foucault’s concepts at a theoretical level, but also by introducing novel empirical problems and practices of global governmentality that have not hitherto been explored in IR.

With a wide theoretical and empirical range, it is relevant not only to IR in general and International Political Sociology in particular, but to any student or practitioner in political science, political theory, geography, sociology, or the humanities.


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