Lehrbeauftragte der Professur für Internationale Politik und Konfliktforschung




Dr. Mitra Moussa Nabo

Associate Researcher

Mitra Moussa Nabo has been a research assistant for the Chair of International Politics and Conflict Studies until 2017. After his magister studies in polticial science and history, which he completed from 2003 to 2008 in Osnabrück, he particiapeted in a doctorate programm in 2013 at the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich.  



Dorthe Siegmund, M.A.

Associate Researcher
Dorthe Siegmund has been a associate researcher since 2014 and was research assistant for the Dean's office from January until April 2015. She has got a master's degree in political science from the Ludwig-Maiximilians-University Munich.