Interested students have two possibilities to write their master thesis at the Chair of Organizational Behavior. One option is to apply for one of the published research topics, while the other possibility is to apply with a topic of your own interest. 

If you choose to apply with your own topic, you have to approach us in time with a topic within one of the following research areas: Leadership, motivation, organizational culture, organizational or virtual collaboration, mindfulness, subjective well-being, creativity/innovation, intercultural collaboration, open innovation networks, retention management in knowledge networks, gender in management, diversity management. 

In either case we need you to hand in a detailled exposé (word-document; deadline see list of topics) that entails a rough outline of your planned work, a clear research problem and research question, your research goal, your research method as well as some first theoretic literature that your work is going to be based on.

Target group Master of Science (MSc.) WOW, students in their 5th trimester who were accepted to write their master thesis at the Chair of Organizational behavior
Module Thesis for the Master degree in the Studies of Economics and Management
Instructor Prof. Sonja A. Sackmann, Ph.D.
Adviser Assigned based on topic

Spring trimester; two mandatory appointments both either on Wednesday or Thursday

Teaching methods Presentations, discussions
Performance record Master thesis
Topics Download from bscw server (only accessible from inside the university)