In the course of the class "Empirical social research - qualitative methods" we discuss the theoretical basics of qualitative research and a selection of qualitative research methods. These entail amongst others secondary data analysis, observation, and different interview techniques as well as their application with respect to differing research questions. The students conduct small research projects during which the apply qualitative methods including a specific research question, planning, execution, data analysis, results and their interpretation.  


Target group Bachelor of Science (BSc.) WOW, students in their 1. trimester
Module Elective course within the module "Scientific Methods"
Instructor Prof. Sonja A. Sackmann, Ph.D.
Adviser Dipl.-Kffr. Regina A. Palmer

Winter trimester; Thurday, 11.30 am -13.00 pm


The students get to know the paradigm and spectrum of qualitative research methods and can apply them to a scientifically relevant research question.

Teaching methods Lecture, short student presentations, discussions
Performance record Presentation & research diary 
Topics Download from bscw server (only accessible from inside the university)