Interested students are required to apply for a bachelor thesis topic until the end of September during their second year of studies (the correct date is distributed by the examination office; for the email address for application see notice). Possible topics of the thesis are published by the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology online and on the bulletin board next to our offices. The topics represent working titles that should be specified by the students in order to depict their research interest. Students can also apply with their own subject proposals.

After receiving notice of acceptance, the students will be asked to bindingly agree or decline to their participation; the attendance at the bachelor seminar is mandatory.

The procedure for writing a bachelor thesis at the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology goes as follows:

  1. Individual meeting with advisor. Adviser and student discuss possible specifications of the topic and the exposé that the student is to write before starting work on the thesis.
    Exposé (max. 5 Din A4 pages): Problem, goal, planned outline of the thesis, research design/method, basic theories and literature, planned schedule.
  2. 1. presentation: topic and its relevance, goal, method/procedure, current questions.
  3. 2. presentation: first results/findings; if necessary problems, questions.
  4. Individual supervision by advisor/ Prof. Sackmann by appointments (on behalf of student request)


Target group Bachelor of Science (BSc.) WOW, students in their 7./9. trimester who were accepted to write their bachelor thesis at the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology
Module Thesis for the bachelor in economics and organizational sciences
Instructor Prof. Sonja A. Sackmann, Ph.D.
Adviser Assigned based on topic

Fall trimester; two mandatory appointments both either on Wednesday or Thursday


The bachelor seminar enables the supervision of bachelor theses at the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology and supports the students at writing their thesis. The students have the responsibility to ensure the correct content and appropriate quality of their thesis. The assigned advisor can be contacted for support. 

Teaching methods Presentations, discussions
Performance record Bachelor thesis
Topics Download from bscw server (only accessible from inside the university)