Our goal in the research area organizational culture is to better understand the various facets of organizational culture, its effects and interdependencies with other organizational aspects and derive insights for the corporate environment. To do so we conduct case studies and empirical studies about the development and change of corporate culture, corporate culture and its effects on internal and external performance factors as well as theoretical reviews. That way the multicultural context of organizations and the resulting dynamics can be better understood in order to derive insights for management practice and new topics for future research. Especially for multinational companies culture is not only relevant on a national level, but also on other regional levels. Next to corporate culture, cultural differences based on varying professions, functions, hierarchical levels, sex, ethnic background, etc. play an important role.

  • Corporate culture (genesis, development, change, effects on performance factors)
  • Cultural dynamics in (multinational) corporate environments
  • Dealing with cultural diversity on the individual, group, and organizational level