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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl Morasch


Karl Morasch, born in 1963 in Kempten / Allgäu, studied economics at the University of Augsburg and graduated in 1989 with a degree in economics. In the course of a DAAD-funded study abroad at Wayne State University in Detroit (1986/87), he earned a Master of Arts in Economics. With a dissertation on strategic alliances, he received his doctorate in 1993 at the WiSo Faculty in Augsburg as Dr. rer. pol.. In February 2000 he completed his habilitation with a treatise on the (de-) centralisation of industrial and competition policy.

During his studies, Karl Morasch completed internships at various companies in southern Germany (including BMW and UBM Unternehmensberatung München). From 1989 he was employed at the University of Augsburg at the Chair of Economics, in particular Economic Policy and Industrial Economics - first as a research associate, from 1994 as a research assistant and finally from 2001 as senior research assistant. After he was stand-in at the Chair of Economics, in particular Microeconomics and Competition Policy at the Bundeswehr University Munich since April 1st 2002, he has been the holder of this Chair since December 2004.

The research interests of Karl Morasch are in the fields of international trade policy, industrial economics, Economic theory of organization and theory of economic policy. In 1994, he was awarded the Science Prize of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Augsburg and Swabia for his dissertation. Since March 2000 he is a member of the economic committee of the Verein für Socialpolitik.

PD Prof. Dr. Florian Bartholomae (external)


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Dr. Florian W. Bartholomae


PD Prof. Dr. Florian W. Bartholomae, born in Munich, studied economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and graduated in 2005. With a dissertation on "Konsumentenheterogenität und Struktur des Außenhandels. Eine Analyse im Kontext der Theorie des intra-industriellen Handels“. He received his doctorate in 2011 from the Faculty of Economics and Organizational Sciences at the Bundeswehr University Munich. In June 2018, he successfully completed his habilitation project on " Ökonomische Auswirkungen aktueller gesellschaftlicher und technologischer Entwicklungen“ and acquired the teaching qualification for the field of Economics.

His research interests include international trade theory, industrial economics, regional economics and economics of the information society. In these fields he wrote several scientific publications, which he presented at international conferences and published in refereed journals. In 2010, he was awarded the lecture award of the Verein für Socialpolitik for his presentation of "Smart Entry in Local Retail Markets for Electricity and Natural Gas" at the EEA in Glasgow. On behalf of various institutions, he wrote a series of regional economic studies, such as the evaluation of the central location system in Bavaria. He is a member of the Münchner Volkswirte Alumni Club e. V. and the Verein für Socialpolitik.

PD Prof. Dr. Florian W. Bartholomae was a research associate at the Chair of Economics, in particular Microeconomics and Competition Policy at the Bundeswehr University Munich until August 2018. He is currently Professor of Economics at the Munich Business School and associate partner in the political consultancy Bartholomae & Schoenberg Partnerschaft. He is still active as a private lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Organizational Sciences.



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