Welcome to the website of the Department of Economics and Management. This is where the academic program for economics and organizational sciences at the Universität der Bundeswehr München is reflected. Beside interactive and interdisciplinary teaching, research is of particular importance to us. It is conducted both on an individual basis by the professors and, with respect to certain topics, on an interdisciplinary basis by the department as a whole. For detailed information on the programs and research, please visit our detailed pages in German.

The Department of Economics and Management conveys its students a broad range of economic knowledge in both the bachelor's and master's programs. Research is of particular importance to the Department of Economics and Management. The professors each pursue their individual research interests. Our department also pools interdisciplinary research skills.

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The Department's Institutes

• Institute of Controlling, Finance and Risk Management
• Institute of the Development of Viable Organizations
• Institute of the Management of Market-oriented Value-added Chains
• Institute of Public Task Management
• Institute of Economic and Legal Principles in Global Industry

The Department Administration and Map

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