Textbook "Trade and Competition in Global Markets"

At the heart of this textbook are the relationships between foreign trade and competition. The authors focus on the real economic aspects of the international economy, dealing in detail with the empirics of foreign trade, the advantages and structure of trade in perfect and imperfect competition, the theory of trade policy and the trade institutions such as the WTO and the EU, and the Implications of international trade and globalization for corporate strategy and behavior. Each chapter begins with a topic overview, which ends with a summary of key findings. Many charts, tables and practical examples illustrate the relationships. Control and exercise tasks support the preparation of the substance. The book addresses students of economics and business administration in Bachelor's, Master's, and MBA degree programs.


  • International trade: Interpretation and motivation
  • Country analysis: Location factors and comparative advantage
  • Market analysis: Corporations and competition
  • Trade policy: Nations and institutions
  • Corporations: Trade as opportunity and threat


Further information can be found on the Springer website.

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Errata: Corrections and supplements

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