The core of the experimental platform in this microlaboratory is a Zeiss Axio Imager.Z2 epifluorescence microscope. For setups that require a larger space, the institute is additionally equipped with a Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1 inverse epifluorescence microscope (Microfluidik Laboratory 2). A large number of powerful lasers (diode-pumped, flashlamp-pumped and continuously working) and cameras (high-speed CMOS / sCMOS and sensitive CCD) enable time-resolved 3D-PTV experiments with high spatial resolution. Powerful workstations make it possible to operate the hardware for the acquisition, storage and post-processing of experimental data and licenses for the commercial software Davis (Lavision) as well as self-developed algorithms for the evaluation of the data. Matlab, Mathematica and Comsol licenses for graphical representation and modeling are also available. A fully automated experimental platform has been built up by controlling the laboratory instruments via USB, RS-232 and a data acquisition device (National Instruments USB-6002 DAQ). Microfluidic flows are controlled by a pressure system (Fluigent MFCSTM-EZ). Peltier elements for temperature control and amplifiers for piezo actuators, valves, connections, hoses and other components are available to enable high quality measurements.