Konferenzbeiträge 2021:

4. bis 8. Juli 2021, Malta (face to face / virtual)

ACEX 2021 - 14th International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting

  • Benedikt Demmel, S. Eibl, T. Förster, M. Johlitz and A. Lion: "GC/MS assisted investigation of diffusion processes of synthetic fuel components in aged nitrile rubber" (virtual)
  • Tomas Gejgus, A. Lion, M. Johlitz: "Vibro-acoustic behaviour of elastomeric mounts of electric vehicles" (virtual)
  • Klara Loos, A. B. Aydogdu, M. Johlitz, A. Lion, J. Calipel: "Modelling the strain-induced crystallisation phenomenon in elastomers: parallel and serial connection in multi-phase approach" (face to face)
  • Ahmet Burak Aydogdu, A. Lion, M. Johlitz: "Modeling and simulations of the strain-induced crystallisation in natural rubber with the thermodynamically consistent directionalisation approach" (virtual)
  • Vivianne Marie Bruère, A. Lion, J. Holtmannspötter, M. Johlitz: "Additive manufacturing of elastomers: under-extrusion challenges for elastic filaments" (face to face)


  • Caroline Treib, M. Johlitz: "Experimental detection of ozone ageing in natural rubber" (face to face)

9. bis 11. Juni 2021, ONLINE-Tagung

PolyMerTec 2021 - Internationale wissenschaftliche Tagung Polymerwerkstoffe

  • Benedikt Demmel, S. Eibl, T. Förster, M. Johlitz and A. Lion: "Diffusion characteristics of fuel like substances in aged nitrile rubber investigated by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry"

30. März 2021, KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Online-Seminar

Internationales Graduiertenkolleg 2078 der DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

  • Alexander Lion: "On the representation of polymerphysical phenomena in continuum mechanics"

15. bis 19. März 2021, Kassel, Web-Konferenz

GAMM 2021 - 91th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

  • Thomas Rehbein: „Experimental investigation and modelling of photopolymers for additive manufacturing processes"