An folgenden Konferenzen und Tagungen wird das Institut für Mechanik vertreten sein:

16. bis 20. März 2020, Kassel

GAMM 2020 - 91th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

  • Thomas Rehbein: "Experimental investigation and modelling of photopolymers for additive manufacturing processes"

19. bis 24. Juli 2020, Paris (Frankreich)

WCCM 2020 - 14th World Congress in Computational Mechanics and ECCOMAS Congress 2020

  • Ahmet B. Aydogdu, Klara Loos, Michael Johlitz, Alexander Lion and Jerome Calipel: "A thermodynamically consistent multi-phase affine and non-affine micro-sphere approach for the strain-induced crystallisation phenomenon for natural rubber"
  • Bruno Franke: "Design principals of aircraft elastomeric doorseals based on finite element method simulation"
  • Klara Loos, Ahmet B. Aydogdu, Michael Johlitz, Alexander Lion and Jerome Calipel: "Strain-induced crystallisation in elastomers: a constitutive model based on thermodynamical consistency"
  • Thomas Rehbein: „Photopolymers for additive manufacturing processes: experiments, material modelling and numerical simulation“