3. bis 9. Januar 2018, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

Plasticity 2018


19. bis 23. März 2018, München
GAMM 2018 - 89rd Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
  • Alexander Lion: "On the continuum mechanical modelling of polymerphysical phenomena", Eingeladener Hauptvortrag
  • Michael Johlitz:  "Minisymposium on Experimental Mechanics: Recent experimental methods to characterise polymer ageing"
  • Rebecca Jennrich: "Thermo-hygro-mechanical Characterization and Modeling of fast-curing Polyurethane Adhesives"
  • Christoph Mittermeier: "Constitutive modeling of the thermal induced crystallization in semicrystalline polymers"
  • Vladimir Zatko: "An anisotropic model for fiber-reinforced elastomers at finite strains"

10./11. April 2018, Steyr, Österreich
5th International Conference: Dynamic Simulation in Vehicle Engineering
  •  Alexander Lion: "Modelling and model-based outcomes in vehicle engineering - pneumatic components, cars with trailers and lateral drift during braking", Eröffnungsvortrag

13. bis 15. Juni 2018, Merseburg
PolyMerTec18: Deformation und Bruchverhalten von Kunststoffen
  • Bruno Musil: "On the inhomogeneous chemo-mechanical ageing behaviour of NBR: Experimental investigations and modelling"

1. bis 5. Juli 2018, Amsterdam, Niederlande

ACE-X 2018 - 12th International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting

  • Alexander Lion, M. Johlitz: "Modelling the influence of diffusing liquids to the properties of elastomers", Eingeladener Vortrag
  • Rebecca Jennrich, A. Lion, M. Johlitz, S. Ernst, E. Stammen: "Describing an elastomeric adhesive in consideration of its dual curing mechanisms in continuum mechanics"
  • L. Palgen, J. Calipel, A. Lion, M. Johlitz, Klara Loos: "Strain-Induced Crystallisation in Natural Rubber: A new Modelling Approach"
  • Jonas Schröder, A. Lion, M. Johlitz: "Modeling of thermo-viscoelastic behavior of elastomers"

22. bis 27. Juli 2018, New York City, USA

WCCM 2018 - World Congress in Computational Mechanics

  • Michael Johlitz, B. Musil and A. Lion: " On the modelling of technical rubber regarding multiphysical environmental conditions", Eingeladener Vortrag

 4. bis 7. September 2018, Mailand (Italien)

MTDM 2018 - Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials Conference

  • Alexander Herzig, M. Johlitz, A. Lion: "Heterogeneous ageing of elastomers: experimental investigations and constitutive modelling by means of a modified reactiondiffusion
  • Stefan Jorik, A. Lion, M. Johlitz: "Characterisation and modelling of nonlinear long‐term creep behaviour of polycarbonate"
  • Alexander Lion, M. Johlitz: "On the consideration of environmental media to the properties of polymers in nonlinear continuum mechanics: balance equations, modelling and simulations"
  • Vladimir Zatko, A. Lion, M. Johlitz: "A homogenized anisotropic model for fibre‐reinforced elastomers at finite strains"