Students of the Master of Aerospace Engineering should enjoy working analytically from a scientific point of view. They must not be afraid of contact with technology in general and computer and information technology in particular. In addition, a successful engineer is characterized by logical thinking, good three-dimensional imagination and an analytical approach.

The consecutive Master's programme in Aerospace Engineering is based on the Qualifications Framework for German Higher Education Qualifications, according to which graduates of a Master's programme are expected to

  • have demonstrated knowledge and understanding that builds on and deepens the knowledge usually associated with the Bachelor's level, and that provides a basis or opportunity for originality in developing and/or applying ideas, often in a research context
  • apply their knowledge and understanding and their problem-solving skills in new or unfamiliar contexts within broad (or multidisciplinary) contexts in the field of study
  • have the ability to integrate knowledge, deal with complexity and formulate assessments on the basis of incomplete or limited information, which nevertheless take into account the social and ethical responsibility associated with the application of knowledge and understanding
  • communicate clearly and unambiguously their or his conclusions and the knowledge and principles on which they are based, both to experts and laypersons
  • have learning strategies that enable them to continue most of their studies in a self-determined and autonomous manner