On 09.07.2010 the TU München (TUM), the Universität der Bundeswehr München (UniBw), founded the German Aerospace Center (DLR). (DLR) in the form of its Oberpfaffenhofen Institutes and Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. (BHL) and the association MUNICH AEROSPACE e.V. Against this background, the partners, science, industry, economy and politics in the field of aerospace technology in Europe are committed to promoting. One aim of this cooperation between the TUM and the UniBw is to facilitate and promote continuity between the institutions at academic level and, in the field of teaching, to offer students an opportunity to attend the courses of the respective partner university which complement each other in many sub-areas. The declared aim of the cooperation is to give students of aerospace engineering the opportunity to integrate modules from the relevant Master's degree programmes of both universities into the respective study programme of their home university by means of mutual recognition and networking. Within the framework of the cooperation, students of the TUM in the degree programmes Aeronautics and Astronautics can introduce individual modules from a corresponding Master's programme at the UniBw as supplementary subjects, and students of the UniBw in the degree programme Aerospace Technology can introduce individual modules from a corresponding Master's programme at the TUM as optional subjects into their respective studies. In order to facilitate the mutual student exchange, the teaching units / modules named in the individual faculties are marked as MunichAerospace partner modules. Students who are interested in this exchange of teaching experience are recommended: 1. to consult Munich Aerospace's homepage, especially the section "Teaching" or "Courses" ( There you will find the currently offered teaching units / modules as well as guidelines for the administrative procedure to be followed (unfortunately not completely avoidable) in a clear form. Students must register with the respective partner university. However, care was taken to make this procedure as student-friendly as possible. 2. to consult the contact person at the UniBw (Dr.-Ing. Werner Eidel, Institut für Raumfahrttechnik und Weltraumnutzung - ISTA,, Zi. 35/1403, Tel. Nst. 3599). (For students of the TUM please contact Dr.-Ing. Florian Fisch,, Tel. 089-289-16056, Lehrstuhl für Flugsystemdynamik, Boltzmannstr. 15, 85748 Garching near Munich). The Faculty of Aerospace Technology wishes the students much pleasure and success in taking up this offer.