The teaching of the professorship aims to enable students to use media-based cognitive tools in the context of knowledge construction. This includes scenarios in which students use the tools themselves, individually or collaboratively, as well as scenarios in which these tools are used to assist others. Therefore interactive case-based learning scenarios and the reflection and documentation of competence acquisition, also in the portfolio context, are the main focus for teaching.

1st Year of Study
The first Year of Study is all about the principles of "Learning and Teaching with Media". The Course not only deals with the Assesment of Learning Results, Knowledge and Compentence, but also with the Influence of Traits the Learner has regarding the motivational, social and emotional general framework. Those Aspects build the Basis of Understanding, Creation and Analysis of Learning Situations.
2nd Year of Study
The second Year of Study is concerned with the Description, Communication and Usage of Knowledge in Learning and cooperative Problemsolving-Situations. Besides these substantial Aspects the second Year is also about Methods of Knowledge representation, Analysing Communication and Learning situations.
3rd Year of Study
The third Year of Study focuses on designing and evaluating multimedia learning contents. The Students create multimedia learning contents in the seminar and evaluate their creation with an intended target group. This year emphasises case-based processing of theories and building competency as a result.
4th Year of Study
In the fourth Year the students are working, both methodically and substantially, on empirical study projects, that thematically originate from the context of "Learning and Teaching with Media".