Research Goal

The objective is to develop an immersive Virtual Reality Learning Environment by implementing scanned models of bridges into 3D learning scenarios. The developed learning environments will be used in empirical studies as well as to develop and support comprehension in a civil engineering context.


Current Steps

Using a game engine, the current working prototype has been in development since May 2021. It runs on an immersive head mounted display, allowing users to navigate with head-movements and joysticks

Bridge construction

In collaboration with the Civil Engineering Department at Universität der Bundeswehr München, suitable bridges for instructing civil engineering were selected.


3D models of the bridges are then generated using camera photos and files from a laser scanner. The models created are post-processed and then imported into the prototype.

further details

Plans for the Future

In December 2021, a first study on the authenticity and usability of the created Virtual Reality Learning Environment will be conducted. Afterwards, more studies with a focus on acceptance, usability, and instructional design will be carried out.

Relevant previous publications

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