Conception of an in-orbit experiment on thermostable satellite structures


As part of the ambitious DTEC - SeRANIS research project, a satellite for in-orbit verification experiments is being developed at UniBw, which will be launched into space in 2025. One experiment will be on high-precision structures (e.g. optical benches for holding spectrometer mirrors), which is being developed at the Institute of Lightweight Structures. The aim is to implement innovative structural concepts using additive manufacturing methods. Key components will be mechanical metamaterials and active thermoelastic stabilization (smart structures).



In previous development work, the basic architecture of the experiment was defined and the basic functionality demonstrated. Building on this, the individual components are to be worked out and examined in more detail. This includes the following topics, among others:

  • Development of a design method for a metamaterial structure for a precision space instrument (innovative structural optimization based on a genetic algorithm and FEM)
  • Laboratory experiment on the thermoelastic behavior of active metamaterial structures (construction and setup of a suitable mechatronic test setup, laser interferometric measurement)
  • Shaker test of the in-orbit experiment as part of the qualification (design and setup of a suitable test setup, test execution)
  • Thermal vacuum chamber test of the in-orbit experiment as part of the qualification (construction and setup of a suitable experimental setup, test execution)
  • Development and investigation of an innovative control algorithm for deformation control of the in-orbit experiment taking into account the orbital heat flows (with Matlab and FEM)

In addition to the topics mentioned above, there are always other exciting student projects available, please contact us personally.


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