Information about the module

General data about the module 
Study program

M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

Module number 3000
Trimester Autumn trimester
Work load

90h total, thereof

          36h presence time

          54h self-study


3 TWS lecture

Qualification goals
  1. The students can name the regulations and explain the procedure for determining the stresses of the overall structure and apply them to simple examples.
  2. Students will be able to name the different theories of plane structures and point out their differences.
  3. Students will be able to name the stresses on the overall structure and explain the differences in the calculation methods.
  4. Upon completion of the module, students will be able to name the major structural assemblies of the aircraft and their essential functions and design criteria.


  1. Regulations and stresses
    1. Introduction
    2. Development of an aircraft 
    3. Regulations and safety 
    4. Aircraft stress 
    5. Aeroelastic effects 
  2. Structures of planes, stability and loading of the whole structure
    1. Sheet structures 
    2. Stability 
    3. Determination of stress for overall structures 
  3. Calculation of assemblies
    1. Introduction
    2. Large assemblies
    3. Wing and tailplane calculation 
    4. Fuselage calculation 
    5. Calculation of doors and gates 
    6. Stress in riveted and bolted connections 
    7. Bonded joints