Information about the module

General data about the module 
Study program

M.Sc. Aerospace engineering

Module number 1550
Trimester Winter trimester

150h total, thereof

          72h presence time

         78h self-study


6 TWS lecture

Qualification goals

After completing this module, students will be able to

  • name key additive manufacturing processes and explain how they work and their special features.
  • list relevant materials for additive manufacturing and explain their key properties.
  • explain the formation of typical material defects on the basis of microstructure formation and evaluate their effects.
  • evaluate and select suitable materials for different application scenarios.
  • describe the development process, apply design options and guidelines using simple examples and explain the main differences to conventional manufacturing processes.
  • describe the procedure with regard to structural calculation and in particular topology optimization.

The following contents are covered within the module:

  • Basic concepts and motivation
  • Overview of materials used/usable
    • Metals for additive manufacturing
    • Polymers for additive manufacturing
    • Outlook on other material classes (ceramics, composites)
  • The material in the manufacturing process
    • Microstructure formation
    • Typical process defects
  • Overview of manufacturing processes
    • Classification and categorization of processes
    • Process sequences
    • Manufacturing data
    • Parameter development
  • Development process & design
    • Process overview
    • Design options and guidelines
    • Production-oriented design
    • Calculation & topology optimization
    • Industry 4.0
  • Quality assurance & reverse engineering