Important note

This course is currently not offered.

Information about the module

This course is designed to teach students the most important fundamentals of the finite element method and the practical implementation of FE calculations (model building, discretization, evaluation).


General data about the module 
Study program

B.Sc. Aerospace engineering

B.Sc. Mathematical Engineering

Module number 1222
Trimester Fall trimester (7th Bachelor trimester)
Work load

90h total, thereof

          48h presence time

          42h self-study


2 TWS lecture

2 TWS excercise

Qualification goals
  1. The student has a basic knowledge of finite element methods. He/she is familiar with the terms deformation quantity method, element stiffness matrices, element equation and total equation and knows how these equations are constructed.
  2. He/she can create a finite element model for real-world problems using appropriate elements, given the desired results and available resources, bring about a solution, and interpret the results.
  3. He/she has gained initial experience with a commercially available FEM program system (pre- and post-processor as well as analysis program).


  • Essential basics of the finite element method (displacement approaches, structure of the overall equation, solution of the equations, stress calculation)
  • Overview of the elements available for a structural calculation
  • Model building process (geometry preparation, finitization, element properties, boundary conditions and loads)
  • Model verification (types of errors, standard tests, convergence)
  • Equation solver (linear statics, linear dynamics, nonlinear analyses)
  • Post-processing
  • Advanced analysis techniques