Systems Engineering

The development of technical systems is characterized by increasingly interdisciplinary development teams. Within the individual domains, there is also a higher degree of specialization. As a result, there is a growing need to focus on system integration.


The added value in product development lies in the mastery of the data and information flows in the development process. The implementation of innovative ideas into high-quality technical systems with complex functionality today not only requires in-depth expertise from different domains, but increasingly requires the support of coordination, cooperation and communication between all those involved in the development.

Problem Definition and Focus

Methods of model-based systems engineering and network theory are used to map and analyze the data and information requirements in the development. This serves as a basis both for optimizing IT structures and the development organization. The aim is to derive and concretise process, technical and organizational interfaces in order to holistically support system integration.

In this context, we focus on the following research priorities:
- Support of classic development processes with methods of system engineering
- Integration of model-based systems engineering
- Creation and application of system models

Employees in this Focus Area