General Information about the Course:

The course "Production Management" (course number 12623), together with the course "Logistics Management" (instructor Prof. Michael Eßig), forms the WOW Bachelor module "Business Functions II" (module number 1262). The module is recommended for the 4th trimester of the Bachelor's program, is offered in the fall trimester, and has a total credit value (including both Logistics and Production Management) of 8 ECTS credits.


Building on the examination of production systems, the strategic importance of production, as well as the development and production processes of goods and services, are characterized and compared. The fundamentals of designing a production system (e.g., types of manufacturing, production layout, etc.) are covered, as well as its operational management (e.g., resource planning, quality management, etc.). Additionally, the theoretical foundations of the course are illustrated with case studies.


The assessment consists of an exam for the entire module (lasting 120 minutes), which is divided into two inseparable sub-exams for Logistics and Production Management.