General Information about the Course:

The module Information Management (module number 1041) for the Bachelor's program in Business Informatics is recommended for the 5th trimester, offered in the winter trimester, and is worth 8 ECTS credits. The module comprises the lecture "Knowledge and Information Management" (course number 10411) and the exercise "ERP Systems and SCM Systems" (course number 10412).


The lecture in this module provides fundamental knowledge about the goals, tasks, concepts, and methods of knowledge and information management, along with relevant practical case studies. The focus is on the role of knowledge and information within the organizational context, as well as the specific approaches and concepts for designing and implementing knowledge and information management. In the exercise "ERP Systems and SCM Systems," students acquire practical skills in using industry-standard systems for Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), with a focus on typical tasks and business cases.


The assessment consists of an oral examination for the "ERP Systems and SCM Systems" exercise (15 to 30 minutes), a related SAP exercise (30 to 60 minutes), an oral presentation on a specific topic (15 to 30 minutes), and a written exam for "Knowledge and Information Management" lasting 45 minutes.