Automated Vehicle-in-the-Loop

The Automated Vehicle-in-the-Loop (AVIL) is a versatile research vehicle combining virtual reality and real automatic driving experience at the same time! It provides a powerful testbed on the basis of an Audi A6 for automated and cooperative driving tasks. Moreover it is perfectly suited for investigating human-machine interaction, especially in potentially dangerous scenarios such as collision avoidance or cooperative driving scenarios. The AVIL is an enhancement of the original Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL), which was developped by Prof. Berthold Färber and his group, and adds the ability of automated driving to the VIL.

Technical Equipment

Audi A6
differential GPS
high performance IMU
automatic steering control
Virtual Testdrive (VTD) on-screen
head-tracking device
virtual reality headset

Coupling real world and virtual world with VIL and ROCS

The video shows a ride with the VIL on the testtrack of the University of the Bundeswehr München and a simultaneous ride in a virtual world in the Realtime Optimization and Control Simulator (ROCS).


In case you are interested in the Automated Vehicle-in-the-Loop and want to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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