Computational investigation nanobubbles 

Knut Sverdrup, Sven-Joachim Kimmerle, Peter Berg, Appl. Math. Model. 49 (2017), 199-219

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 In recent years, the stability and lifetime of nanobubbles have raised new scientific questions as experimental techniques for nanobubble generation and measurements have advanced. In this contribution, we present a physical model for bulk nanobubbles and simulate their dissolution numerically using a rigorous treatment of the underlying governing equations. Additionally, we simulate surface nanobubbles with small contact angles replenished through hydrogen electrolysis at a platinum electrode, and discuss the relation between the mass transfer coefficient at the bubble surface and the supplied hydrogen flux at steady-state.


  • Sverdrup, K., Kimmerle, S.-J., Berg, P.: Computational Investigation of the Stability and Dissolution of Nanobubbles. Appl. Math. Model. 49 (2017), 199-219, DOI: