Alberto De Marchi, Xiaoxi Jia, Christian Kanzow, and Patrick Mehlitz

Mathematical Programming (2023)

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We investigate finite-dimensional constrained structured optimization problems, featuring composite objective functions and set-membership constraints. Offering an expressive yet simple language, this problem class provides a modeling framework for a variety of applications. We study stationarity and regularity concepts, and propose a flexible augmented Lagrangian scheme. We provide a theoretical characterization of the algorithm and its asymptotic properties, deriving convergence results for fully nonconvex problems. It is demonstrated how the inner subproblems can be solved by off-the-shelf proximal methods, notwithstanding the possibility to adopt any solvers, insofar as they return approximate stationary points. Finally, we describe our matrix-free implementation of the proposed algorithm and test it numerically. Illustrative examples show the versatility of constrained composite programs as a modeling tool and expose difficulties arising in this vast problem class.


  • De Marchi, A., Jia, X., Kanzow, C., and Mehlitz, P.: Constrained composite optimization and augmented Lagrangian methods. Mathematical Programming (2023). DOI 10.1007/s10107-022-01922-4