Online NMPC with obstacle avoidance

The video shows the online control of a scale car with nonlinear model-predictive control (NMPC) and obstacle avoidance. The position is obtained by an indoor GPS system. The online optimization within the NMPC is done by the software OCPID-DAE1.


This video shows our quadrocopter flying indoor by manual control.

Object Detection with XTION PRO LIVE and KUKA Youbot

This video shows an KUKA Youbot detecting a red ball with a stereo camera module XTION PRO LIVE.

Youbot High Precision Marking

The video shows an application with the KUKA youBot robot. The task is to mark predefined positions automatically with a high precision. The high accuracy is achieved with an external laser based positioning system.

Optimal Obstacle Avoidance Maneuver

For a predefined setting, an optimal obstacle avoidance maneuver was computed. The derived solution is then applied at the model car.