Content and qualification goals


Dr.-Ing. Harald Hagel

tutorial instructor:

Dr.-Ing. Harald Hagel



Modultype Master of Computer Science, Business Computer Science and Computer Aided Engineering
Trimester every spring trimester
ECTS-Points 6
TWS 5 h


The prerequisites are basic knowledge of the functional areas of a company as well as basic knowledge of modeling operational structures and procedures.



In the lecture students get to know the industrial enterprise and service company, the process idea in the company as well as the process management on the basis of engineering standards. The module treats the following focal points:

Industrial enterprises and service companies with their different requirements

  • products of the industrial enterprise / services of the service company
  • production companies in their environment
  • computer-aided industrial enterprise and the process concept behind CIM
  • technical processes in industrial enterprises

The process concept in the company

  • introduction to business process management
  • from value chain concept to value creation system
  • the model world of process management
  • business process management from the perspective of Applied Computer Science
  • methods for the description of processes
  • procedure and reference models
  • ARIS as a modeling tool
  • Analysis and modeling of the current state, target modeling and process optimization

Process management with engineering standards

  • introduction to engineering standards and differentiation from IT-, software and process standards
  • the benefits of engineering standards
  • implementation support for engineering standards

The students prepare basic knowledge in depth for each module section by means of specific control questions and present it afterwards. Students should independently apply knowledge acquired during lectures to given case studies and present it by means of a solution sketch. Within the framework of these case studies, cross-sectional questions on business process management will be dealt with.


qualification goals:

The module "Process Management and Engineering Standards" conveys a holistic view of industrial enterprises and service companies by placing the "sociotechnical system" at the center of the lecture cycle. The interaction of management, core and support processes is a central element of knowledge transfer in the module. Scientifically founded and practice-proven engineering standards for the solution of complex business challenges as well as their importance and availability for everyday business are presented. The students are thus enabled to recognize the change process as the center of all considerations and to find measures for a long-term, successful problem solution. In the tutorial part of the module, students learn the hands-on handling with a business process management tool in the sense of a problem solution tool.

Goals are:

  • to recognize the importance of thinking in processes in the context of the entrepreneurial everyday life (management)
  • to master assessing, analyzing and evaluating functional areas of the industrial enterprise
  • to understand their process-oriented representation as the starting point for reengineering
  • to obtain knowledge about the performance of services with project character


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