Middleware and Cloud Computing

content and qualification goals



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Karcher

tutorial instructorr:

Dr. rer. nat. Peter Hillmann


Modultype    elective module for Master of Computer Science, Business Computer Science, Cyber Security  and Computer Aided Engineering
Trimester every winter trimester
ECTS-Points 6
TWS 5 h


Modern enterprise applications are based on standard middleware architectures, where functionality is increasingly made available via cloud-based services cross-platform and to mobile end devices. This module offers a profound introduction to the latest basic technologies.

After a fundamental introduction to the integration requirements of increasingly distributed structured, internet-based business applications, the module first provides an overview of the basic architecture of middleware-based systems and then goes into more detail on the different integration paradigms and technologies. Current middleware services and architecture concepts such as distributed object models, component models and service-oriented middleware (SOM) are in the focus of the module’ second unit. Here the general principles are explained first and then standard middleware technologies and their underlying concepts are deepened on the basis of specific examples. The third part focuses on the cloud concept and shows step by step the development of cloud-based services and their access via mobile clients (apps) using simple examples.

The accompanying tutorial offers the opportunity to learn about current technologies using simple examples and to gain first practical experience in dealing with middleware and mobile, cloud-based applications.


qualification goals:

The module “Middleware and Mobile Cloud Computing” aims at making students aware of the importance of integration as a core task of applied computer science. In addition to a fundamental understanding of the requirements of a middleware-based integration, the participants gain theoretical knowledge about the architecture, structure and application of current middleware concepts in greater depth. In the tutorial accompanying the lecture, the participants learn the practical handling of middleware technologies and cloud-based, mobile applications. By combining the theoretical introduction into the subject matter and the hands-on immersion, the module puts the participants in the position to design distributed applications on the basis of middleware and to convert them into practice.


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