General Information

The internship covers the fourth and eight quarter and takes as a whole ten weeks (block internship). It should be divided in two parts (e.g. four weeks in the fourth quarter, six weeks in the eight quarter). The students select an internship in accordance with their respective interests from the field of study of Educational Science. It is possible as well, to serve the first and the second part of the internship in different institutions.

There is also the option of serving an internship concurrently with the course as well of a research internship.

During the internship the contents learnt during the studies can be applied practically and initial knowledge on the field of work can be gained.

Assistance will be provided to the students with regard to the planning the internship by information events and medial support.


Medial Support during the internship module

For the B.A. Students in the study program Educational Science a separate area for internships has been established in ILIAS (a Learning und Content Management System). Here subject-specific information regarding the internship are to be found, e.g. internship addresses. Furthermore, the experiences shall be shared in a Wiki* at the platform ILIAS via subject areas and activities in different internships.

You will find all administrative forms, e.g. personal records, applications and approvals additionally in the BSCW*.

Internship documents can be downloaded at the pages of the student records and examinations office. Furthermore you will find a sequence plan in the Internship brochure ("which form needs to be submitted when with whom? ") as well as forms and further important information.


Information on internship options and partner universities abroad.