Areas of Expertise

The researchers involved in the initiative work in a variety of fields. What unites these fields is that they are all associated with improving how employees work and interact in organizations. Such improvements are socially relevant and widely supported. At the same time, they examine the interaction of organizational and individual-related phenomena from various scientific perspectives in order to do justice to the idea of a co-evolution of individuals and organizations.

Areas of interest include aspects that characterize the individual within the organization, such as their knowledge and abilities, as well as organizational-level phenomena, such as organizational culture, practices of communication or technologies and resilience of organizations. Developments at the individual and organizational level are also examined from a dynamic perspective, however.

This results in a four-field matrix in which research topics and areas are located and linked based on their dynamic and whether they are tied to the individual or organizations. Individual learning, for example, builds on the existing abilities of the individual and, at the same time, constitutes the starting point for organizational learning.