Supply Chain

Subject: The Supply Chain – Negotiating Interests

Professors: Prof. Bernhard Leipold, Prof. Ulrike Lechner

Project dates: 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2024

The aim is to develop tools to support the processes of negotiating diverging stakeholder interests and thus to validate concepts and technical developments. A disruptive technology such as DLT (distributed ledger technology) makes it possible for central authorities to be replaced with reliable transactions and facilitates business model innovations. That requires renegotiation of diverging interests. The aim of the project is to provide tools for these negotiation processes and, by capturing mental representations and attitudes, to continuously help to validate these processes. The project also examines the extent to which the flexibility of self-concepts (e.g. persistent pursuit of goals, flexible adaptation of goals) is predictive in specific negotiating situations and how this flexibility interacts with the resilience of an organization, a supply chain and digital sovereignty.


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