Empowerment (Scientific monitoring)

Topic: Empowerment (Scientific monitoring)

Professorship: Prof. Rafaela Kraus

Duration: from 01.01.2021

Sponsor: BMVg

Empowerment was identified in the study "Contributions of Communities of Practice to institutionalized knowledge management and thus to an agile and adaptive organization Bundeswehr" (AZ 09-64-10/M/GSPO/IA928) as an essential element of an agile and adaptive organization.


The Navy's Operational Flotilla 1 has started a project as part of Sm@rtWork that relies on empowerment to tap "swarm intelligence" and create the appropriate framework for potential development. The initiative is being scientifically monitored by founders@unibw of the Universität der Bundeswehr München. The interventions to activate "swarm intelligence" will be implemented in Operational Flotilla 1 and include (A) the introduction of the social interaction and collaboration tool LYnx and (B) the avoidance of bureaucracy via the establishment of an "adminimum" culture. The objective of the scientific monitoring is to identify whether (1) swarm intelligence can be activated with the interventions of Operational Flotilla 1 and (2) impulses from the "grassroots" are put into practice by the Bundeswehr and how they are implemented. The study includes a quantitative survey of the operational flotilla 1 with three measurement points (before, during and after the interventions) as well as the survey of a comparison group (sample) of the operational flotilla 2. The empirical data collection additionally includes a qualitative interview study as well as action research.