Human-Machine Interface für Hostile Fire Indication und Rotorstrike Warning

Assistance for helicopter pilots in firing situations and unknown obstacles


Particularly during rescue missions and in military flight operations, helicopter pilots often operate their aircraft in unknown terrain with numerous obstacles. In military missions, there is also a risk of enemy fire, including small arms. This is very difficult to detect in flight due to the prevailing noise level. The project "HMI for HFI and RSW" studies which requirements human-machine interfaces have to fulfil in order to adequately inform helicopter pilots about such critical situations.

Research priorities of the project:


Design of graphical user interfaces

Helicopter pilots are subject to high (mental) loads when conducting military or rescue missions. Additional information about the current environment, flight condition, etc. can help them to develop a better situational awareness. For this purpose, however, the information must be able to be received and processed without great effort. In the project "HMI for HFI and RSW" the Chair of Aircraft Dynamics and Flight Guidance concentrates on the evaluation of different display concepts.

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