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The Institute of Flight Systems is concerned with studies on the automation of flight and mission management of manned and unmanned aircraft. We work predominantly experimentally, in virtual simulation, as well as in real flight tests. In doing so, we mainly rely on a systems engineering method inventory as well as excellent laboratory equipment. The institute is divided into two cooperative professorships. Please inform yourself.

The professorship of Aircraft Dynamics and Flight Guidance under the direction of Prof. Dr. Axel Schulte is focused on the development of approaches for cooperative cooperation between man and machine in military and civil aviation.

Highly automated flight and mission management functions are investigated, which allow teams and swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles to be commanded from the ground or from the cockpit, missions on board to be flexibly rescheduled and pilots to be intelligently and adaptively supported. We are investigating the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The professorship has several cockpit simulators (helicopter, high-performance aircraft, UAV control station, A320 trainer), measurement technology for human-machine system evaluation, a mobile ground control station and several unmanned test aircraft.

The method inventory ranges from flight-mechanical and flight-dynamic modelling, system technology for flight control and flight guidance to Cognitive Systems and Human Factors Engineering.

Corresponding courses are also offered.

The professorship for Aeronautical Engineering under the direction of Prof. Dr. Peter Stütz investigates automated, environment-perceiving functions on board unmanned aerial vehicles as well as their effects on platform design and system concepts.

Such functions are necessary above all in order to carry out complex mission tasks in the military as well as in the civilian sector. Particular attention is paid to the specific performance characteristics of the sensors and processing methods used in order to provide the user with effective support.

The professorship has several unmanned test aircraft (aeroplanes, multicopters) which can be variably equipped with multispectral imaging sensors (EO, IR, lidar) , and various virtual simulation devices (e.g. UAV ground control station, sensor simulation, A320 trainer).

The inventory of methods ranges from aircraft systems engineering and aircraft design to sensor data processing and virtual simulation.

Corresponding courses are also offered.


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