Cognitive Automated Sensor Integrated Unmanned Mission System

UAV Guidance and Management from the Cockpit


Future helicopter technologies are studied in the CASIMUS project. The research focus lies on the cooperation of manned and unmanned aircraft (drones/UAVs) in so-called Manned-Unmanned-Teaming (MUM-T) configurations. Such cooperation approaches are developed at the Institute of Flight Systems and tested together with Bundeswehr pilots in the own helicopter mission simulator. Subcapabilities are tested on UAV demonstrators in real flight.

Manned-unmanned-teaming configurations

Research priorities of the Project:


By forming several UAVs into a team, the pilot's workload can be reduced. In this type of cooperation, the aircraft independently distribute tasks among themselves in order to increase overall performance. Research topics are the increase of mission performance through cooperation, possible types of cooperation, as well as the pilot's influence on the team.

contributions to main research areas

This project contributes to the following research areas of the institute: