The research simulator at IFS serves to test novel cockpit and flight control concepts in the field of military aviation. In order to prove the performance of newly developed functionalities, human-machine experiments are carried out in realistic, complex missions.

Cockpit Configuration

The cockpit design of the 5th/6th generation combat aircraft must meet the requirements of future missions. Depending on the task spectrum, the use of double-seater or single-seater fighter jets can be advantageous. With the flexible design of the simulator, both configurations can be tested at the IFS.

Gaze Tracking

Ergonomic aspects of the cockpit are at the forefront of human-machine experiments. A modern eye movement system is used to collect data on the pilot's operation and attention. In the research area of adaptive automation, the recorded data is used in real time to support the pilot appropriately.


The system software of the simulator is completely developed by IFS research assistants. Software and hardware are designed modularly and flexibly for the rapid integration of research work. The cockpit interface consists of generically configurable and programmable touch screens. The simulator is also equipped with a professional HOTAS system.

Location of the Combat Aircraft Simulator

Building 150

 +49 (0) 89 6004-x

Combat Aircraft Simulator Combat Aircraft Simulator


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