The mobile ground control station (MGCS) based on a Mercedes Sprinter is an integral part of real flight activities. It offers several freely programmable and adaptable operator workstations and can maintain autonomous operation for up to five days by means of an energy management system with additional batteries and generator.

Equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, the MGCS provides computing power for trials, accurate localization through GNSS and a radiotelephone system that links the safety pilot and flight crew. A commercial LTE connection provides access to the Internet.

Operator Workstations

The MGCS is equipped with four independent and freely configurable multitouch screens. These offer great flexibility for research in different areas. The user interface can be adapted in a short time.

UAV Transport

The extendable loading platforms enable easy loading and unloading as well as safe transport to the site of operation. The most necessary tools and technical material for flight tests are stored in easily accessible drawers.

Directional Antenna

A tracking pan and tilt platform with directional antennas ensures broadband transmission to the UAV in the GHz range. An additionally mounted tracking camera is used for test documentation and observation of the UAV from the workstation.