Visiting Professorship

Visiting Professor. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Prof. Dr. Axel Schulte hosted by Prof. Mary (Missy) L. Cummings. Humans and Automation Laboratory (HAL). Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. September-November 2010.

Tuition Award

Tuition Award of the Student Convent. To Prof. Dr. Axel Schulte. Universität der Bundeswehr München. Dies Academicus. Neubiberg, 21 October 2016.

Research Award

Scientific Achievement Award. To Florian Böhm, Felix Maiwald, Andreas Rauschert, Ruben Strenzke, Johann Uhrmann & Axel Schulte for the Technical Demonstration "Dual-mode Cognitive Automation in Manned-unmanned Teaming Missions" (Videodocumentation). NATO RTO HFM-217 Workshop on Supervisory Control of Multiple Uninhabited Systems – Methodologies and Enabling Human-Robot Interface Technologies. Prague, Czech Republic. 8 May 2012.

Dissertation Awards

Airbus Research Award. To Dr. Marcus Wohler for the dissertation "Kognitive Automation zur funktionalen Redundanz in sicherheitskritischen Flugführungssystemen". Universität der Bundeswehr München 2016.

Claudius Dornier jr. Dissertation Awart. To Dr. Stefan Brüggenwirth for the dissertation "Entwicklung einer kognitiven Systemarchitektur mit zentraler Ontologie und spezifischen Algorithmen". Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress, 2015.

EADS Research Award. To Dr. Johann Uhrmann for the dissertation "Auftragsbasierte multi-UAV-Führung aus dem Helikoptercockpit durch kognitive Automation". Universität der Bundeswehr München 2013.

Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Engineering Science. To Dr. Diana Donath for the dissertation "Verhaltensanalyse der Beanspruchung des Operateurs in der Multi-UAV-Führung". Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst, 2013.

EADS Research Award. To Dr. Claudia Meitinger for the dissertation"Kognitive Automation zur kooperativen UAV-Flugführung". Universität der Bundeswehr München 2008.

Best Paper Awards

Best Paper. To Fabian Schmitt, Yannick Brand, Georg Rudnick & Axel Schulte for the article "Experimental Evaluation of a Cooperative Automation Approach for Manned-Unmanned Teaming in Future Military Helicopter Missions". NATO STO HFM-300 Symposium on Human Autonomy Teaming.  Southsea, United Kingdom. 15-17 October 2018.

Best Paper Award. To Yannick Brand & Axel Schulte for the article "Design and Evaluation of a Workload-adaptive Associate System for Cockpit Crews".  International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 15-20 July 2018.

Stanley N. Roscoe Best Student Paper Award. To Elisabeth Denk, Sebastian Clauß, Annike Borchers, Josef Werner & Axel Schulte for the article "Experimental evaluation of varying feedback of a cognitive agent system for UAV mission management". 18th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology. Dayton, Ohio, USA. 4-7 May 2015.

3rd Place Best Graduate Student Paper Award & Best Paper of Session Award. To Georg Rudnick, Sebastian Clauß & Axel Schulte for the article "Flight Testing of Agent Supervisory Control on Heterogeneous Unmanned Aerial System Platforms". 33rd Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) on Designing an Air Transportation System with Multi-Level Resilience.  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 5-9 October 2014.

2nd Place Best Graduate Student Paper Award & Best Paper of Session Award. To Florian Böhm & Axel Schulte for the article "Air to Ground Sensor Data Distribution using IEEE802.11n Wi-Fi Network". 32nd Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC). Syracuse, New York, USA. 6-10 October 2013.

Best Paper Award. To Florian Böhm, Sebastian Clauß, Stefan Brüggenwirth & Axel Schulte for the article "Cognitive UAV resource management allowing task-based mission execution under data link limitations".  31st Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC). Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. 14-18 October 2012.

Student Paper Award. To Florian Böhm & Axel Schulte for the article "Scalable COTS based data processing and distribution architecture for UAV technology demonstrators". European Telemetry and Test Conference etc2012.  Munich, Germany. 12-14 June 2012.

Best Paper Award. To Johann Uhrmann & Axel Schulte for the article "Task-based Guidance of Multiple UAV Using Cognitive Automation". IARIA – International Academy, Research, and Industry Association. The Third International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications. COGNITIVE 2011. November 2011.

Student Thesis Awards

Michael Ebersoldt, Master Thesis, UniBwM, 2017

Gunar Roth, Master Thesis, UniBwM, 2017

Yannick Brand, Master Thesis, UniBwM, 2013

Fabian Loy, Master Thesis, DLRK, 2013

Pierre Aurich, Master Thesis, AFCEA, 2011

Marcus Wohler, Diploma Thesis, UniBwM, 2009

Conrad Groth, Diploma Thesis, DLRK, 2005