Human-Autonomy Teaming Session in Las Vegas

18 July 2018

Under the title "Humans and Autonomy Working in Teams" seven scientists from three nations (Germany, Netherlands and USA) present their work. The event, organized by Prof. Axel Schulte as an "Invited Session", is part of the 15. Internationalen Konferenz zu "Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics (EPCE)" under the umbrella of the mega-event "Human Computer Interaction (HCI) International 2018" in Las Vegas, in which the Institute has been actively involved for many years.

The photo shows the authors and co-authors, from left to right: Joel Lachter (NASA Ames), Crisrael Lucero (SPAWAR), Summer Brandt (NASA Ames), Chris Miller (sift), Mark Neerincx (TU Delft/TNO) Diana Donath (Bundeswehr Uni Munich), Fabian Schmitt (Bundeswehr Uni Munich), Prof. Axel Schulte (Bundeswehr Uni Munich) and Yannick Brand (Bundeswehr Uni Munich).