A Visit at NASA Ames

21 May 2019

Since 2018 it has been officially running, our international cooperation under the title "US-German Research Project Agreement (RPA) on Advanced Helicopter Technologies". For the purpose of intensive technical and scientific exchange, German scientists and officials (BAAINBw, DLR, UBM) and their US counterparts (US Army, AMRDEC) meet twice a year. This time it was again the turn of the branch office on the NASA Ames site in Moffett Field, CA. Besides the technical discussions at the RPA on topics of helicopter cockpit design and automation for manned-unmanned missions, the contribution of the group around Prof. Schulte and Dr. Donath, this traditional aviation location has a lot to offer. The photo shows the group visiting the world's largest wind tunnel, the "National Full-Scale Aerodynamic Complex (NFAC)". The gigantic dimensions of the facility can be roughly guessed.

But even apart from that, a stay in Silicon Valley is always of great interest to such "techies" as we are. This time, Matthias Frey, Carsten Meyer, Gunar Roth, Dr. Diana Donath and Prof. Axel Schulte are among the participants. Our American friends are already looking forward to a return visit in Munich in September.