MARC Takes off

20 March 2019

Together with professors from five university departments Professor Axel Schulte (Dept. Aerospace Science) is responsible for the foundation of the Military Aviation Research Center (MARC) at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. MARC's goal is to connect and integrate the disciplines relevant to research in military aviation. MARC's contributions concern both basic research and specific technological developments, as well as holistic inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to the development, operation and use of military aircraft and relevant accompanying processes.

MARC acts as a single point of contact for the thematic complexes of military aviation, such as platform, equipment, mission, system/software development, simulation, procurement/logistics/lifecycle, as well as ethics and law. It bundles already existing internal university cooperations and promotes new cooperations also with external scientists in the relevant fields.

MARC thus represents a unique construction in the German university landscape and contributes significantly to the profiling of research at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich.

Today the Senate of the UniBwM approved the establishment of the Research Centre. The next steps for the operational start of MARC are ahead of the scientists.