Yannick Brand wins Best Paper Award of the EPCE

17 July 2018

Institute employee M.Sc. Yannick Brand wins the "Best Paper Award" of the International Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics (EPCE) at this year's Human Computer Interaction International (HCII) in Las Vegas. The title of the article is "Design and Evaluation of a Workload-adaptive Associate System for Cockpit Crews". He deals with the presentation of the concepts and experimental results of testing his prototype of an assistance system adapted to the mental state of pilots for Mannd-unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) missions. His work is not only fully in line with the trend of the professorship's research activities, but is also moving fully into the focus of industrial approaches to the high automation of future cockpits, from which teams and swarms of unmanned aircraft are to be led in the near future. Prof. Schulte (co-author of the article) and the entire team are enthusiastic about this really impressive achievement.

The photo shows Yannick Brand (left) at the award ceremony by the General Chair of HCI International 2018 Constantine Stephanidis (right) in front of almost 2000 conference topics.