Successful completion of StraVARIA project

9 February 2018

The LBC project (Ludwig Bölkow Campus) StraVARIA has been successfully completed. At the DLR Institute for Systems Dynamics and Control Technology in Oberpfaffenhofen, the project partners, including Airbus and DLR, gathered their research results. Jane Jean Kiam (Aircraft Dynamics and Flight Guidance) and Franziska Funk (Aeronautical Engineering) from the Institute of Flight Systems were involved. First, Franziska Funk spoke about camera-based detection of clouds. Then the participants of the event experienced a live demo of Jane Jean Kiam's automatic mission planner. In a hybrid planning approach based on methods of artificial intelligence and optimization, the planner automatically calculates the most profitable mission plan for the HAPS aircraft, an ultra-light, solar-powered high-altitude aircraft. The plan takes into account wind fields and bad weather areas, which pose considerable mission risks for this class of aircraft. Now Jane Jean Kiam can prepare her dissertation.