Clausewitz-Society visiting

27 February 2020

Today Prof. Axel Schulte, Aircraft Dynamics and Flight Guidance, hosted a delegation of about twenty members of the Clausewitz-Society (Regional District Bavaria) headed by Brigadier General (ret.) Gerhard Schulz. About 40 officer cadets from the Air Force Officers' School in Fürstenfeldbruck were also part of the delegation. This brought together very young and not so young anymore, but very experienced personalities interested in military aviation to discuss manned-unmanned combat aircraft missions, corresponding technology trends and their impact on FCAS together with Prof. Schulte. The exchange of ideas was stimulated by a 45-minute presentation by Prof. Schulte.

The actual highlight, however, was the visit to our simulator for combat aircraft cockpit and mission technologies. One gets the impression that one or the other doesn't want to leave at all, but in any case wants to come back again soon. That can certainly be arranged!