Human-Autonomy Teaming Technologies


HATtec.Logo.pngResearch in the engineering sciences must lead to innovative industrial products! This is the firm conviction of the institute's employees Yannick Brand and Fabian Schmitt. They therefore founded HAT.tec together with Prof. Axel Schulte. HAT.tec GmbH is a spin-off of the Institute for Flight Systems and deals with the industrialization of research results into "Human Autonomy Teaming".

Human-Autonomy Teaming Technologies

About HAT.tec
We founded HAT.tec in 2018. HAT.tec stands for Human-Autonomy Teaming Technologies. We are specialists for designing and prototyping complex Human-Autonomy Teaming systems for the mission of tomorrow.


Customized Solutions

We provide design, development and integration of Human-Autonomy Teaming systems. Applications comprise integrated mission planning and management systems, operator assistant systems and UAV autonomy in fields such as manned-unmanned teaming, ground control stations and reduced crew operations.


Application-close Prototyping

We offer application-close prototyping of human autonomy teaming systems and intelligent agents which ensure superior mission performance using novel interaction concepts, user interfaces and state of the art artificial intelligence technologies.


Industrial Advisory

We offer advisory in the field of mission analysis for Human-Autonomy Teaming systems: Concept design, definition of system requirements, function allocation and interaction concepts. We support system design and accompany your development processes of complex Human-Automation Systems.

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