• Accounting and Reporting;
  • Cost and performance calculation;
  • Corporate Finance;
  • Applied Controlling;
  • Strategic Controlling;
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Protection


Topics for undergraduate and graduate thesis:
  • Climate protection goals and strategies;
  • Controlling instruments in climate protection;
  • National greenhouse gas inventory;
  • Municipal greenhouse gas inventory;
  • Implementation of the Greenhouse gas protocol;
  • Carbon Mitigation;
  • Natural Carbon Sinks ;
  • Sustainability reports and climate protection;
  • Economic feasibility studies.


Completed work:
  • Indicators of fragile statehood
  • Media bias of news agencies in naming war deaths;
  • Comparison of the Greenhous Gas Protocol standards and the Inventory System for Municipalities (BISKO) ;
  • Greenhouse gas inventory of the building management of the UniBw.